Do what we can do for security protection
Broadband revolution due to IT has been offering a benefit, in which information can be shared in real time, whenever and wherever, to global society. Meanwhile, the rapid globalization enhances the needs for confidential information leakage protection and anticrime measure which are important issues at offices and homes. SEKISEI offers user-friendly security solution for your security and safety life.
Private Information Protection Products
SYSLOCK is a filing tool for protection of confidential information such as client data and staff data, and personal information.
Digital Security Box with a Digital Lock
An ideal item for controlling secret information such as personal information at a common space. Up to 15-digit pin number can be set with a digital lock. Pin number is unlimitedly changeable. 5-color variation helps classifying information. The Post-in type receives documents from the opening. No need to open and close the door. To take out documents inside, unlock the digital lock and open the door.
SYSLOCKimage spacer SYSLOCKimage
Digital lock turns 90-degree
SYSLOCKimage spacer SYSLOCKimage
SYSLOCK <Post-in> Lateral
Antitheft Security Wire Lock
This item locks a security slot of PC, etc., to protect from a theft. Simply insert it into a security slot and turn dial keys. 4-digit dial number can be repeatedly changed. Dial lock integrated type. No need to worry about losing the key.
Security Wire Lock
Disaster Risk Management Products
Jishin Man Man is an earthquake resistant mat which is proper for earthquake measure.
Protection for falling down of OA devices and furniture.Repeatedly washable.
Shock absorb rate is 90% or more (adaptive temperature -20 to 75°C)
Extremely low elasticity and fine adherence give tolerance against all kind of quakes such as up and down, right and left, and back and forth, up to intensity 7.
Jishin Man Man image spacer Jishin Man Man image spacer Jishin Man Man image  
Jishin Man Man image
Great adhesive
Material: Urethane elastomer
Super soft type rubber having solid and liquid character (GEL) and adhesive.
Easy setting
Just stick to the bottom of OA device or furniture.
SEKISEI and Art Corporation made a sales collaboration for Jishin Man Man.
Blue Light Crime Prevention Series
Blue Light Crime Prevention Series for crime protection patrol using light and high intensity Blue LED.
Blue Light Crime Prevention Series proved deterrent effect.
Using items with the light emitting Blue LED for crime protection activities and patrol brings comfortableness to activists and secure and protected feeling of residents to the town.
BLUE LIGHT image spacer BLUE LIGHT image spacer BLUE LIGHT image spacer
SEKISEI and PATLITE Corporation made a sales collaboration for PATOSABER, PATOLEADER and Round-shape Revolving Warning Light.
Blue Signaling Light PATOSABER
Blue Arm Band Light PATOLEADER
Magnet Removable Round-shape Revolving Warning Light
* "Blue Light" is the symbol color of safety and security, which the government recommends to use. SEKISEI develops Blue Light Crime Prevention Products are being developed to support expanding voluntary crime protection activities with being reflected opinions from various associations for crime protection.