Recently office function is getting closer that of worker's study at home,
and at the same time very functional & efficient storage systems began prevailing at home.
Additionally, people, in spare time, in personal sphere make much of
their personalities and originalities in order to build up new life style.
Conventional border lines between office and home, which used to be clear, are getting blur,
and more functional, convenient & comfortable systems are demanded.
SEKISEI set a goal to develop products across HOME, OFFICE and PERSONAL and provide
information control systems that link every living space not as individual points but as networking.
Information in home expands diverse directions such as Internet, Cable TV, and digital camera.
Such increasing information and various printed materials can really function when they are accessible anytime in need.
Business information management system has been introduced into home sphere as most women have business experience these days.
A variety kind of products such as KAKERU Album, which is our best-selling product for general consumers, and SYSBOX, which was developed for offices and is frequently used at home as well, are produced by SEKISEI's unique idea.
Based on the above environment, various kinds of products have been produced by our brand-identifying strategy which prepares different brands for different channels respectively, and our original ideas which emphasize both functionality & humanity.
It is said that one office worker keeps approx. 17,000 sheets of paper in average.
The time for searching the necessary document is the top reason for wasting time and work efficiency.
What is demanded in this situation is, off course, an output system that puts out what a user want rather than inputs information. Especially, recently comfortable office environments with office appliances supporting broad-band such as optic fiber and ADSL are required.
SEKISEI offers a consulting service of office spaces total coordination with making advantage of each office's present feature by use of our original Drop Filing System.

Now we are in the age of ripe and people are starting to choose a product to affluent their lifestyles not in material sense but in personal sense. The idea of "following everybody" is died up and people in nowadays want what respective person need in different styles.
The time when people esteem personality and enjoy their own lifestyle has come.
As seen in significant growth of the leisure industry, activities of people are changing from office-centered to personal-centered one.
For modern people making one's best for business and after hours, SEKISEI offers "just your scale" system and service.